Title block (drawing header) for technical drawings

A title block is a standardized section of text in a technical drawing that provides information about the drawing and its creator. Typically, it includes the drawing's name, drawing number, revision level, creation date, scale, and other relevant details. The title block is usually located in the lower right-hand corner of the drawing.

You can either use the standard title block provided by ProfiCAD or create your own.

standard title block supplied with ProfiCAD


Variables are utilized to eliminate the need for manually updating the text in the title block for each drawing. Simply change the variable's value for the current drawing, and it will automatically update in the title block. Use only English letters and numbers, and avoid spaces and diacritical marks.

How Variables Work:

  1. In the title block editor, insert a variable into the title block, i.e., text that is delimited by { and }.
    For example: {project_name}
    Enter the variables without spaces and diacritical marks.
  2. In the drawing, in the Variables window, define the value of the variable.

    Enter the variable name without brackets { und } !!! Example:

    Name Value
    project_name House Wiring
  3. In the title block, instead of the text {project_name}, the value "House Wiring" will appear.

How to customize the title block for your needs

  • Select the "File" menu and choose "Open Title Block."
  • Pick one of the available title blocks, such as "standard9.ptb."
  • Click on the ProfiCAD logo and press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to remove it.
  • Insert your company logo using the "Insert - Image" command.
  • Adjust the text layout to your preferences.
  • Add variables (text in brackets { and })
  • Save the title block (Ctrl + S) and close it (Ctrl + W).
  • In the drawing, press the F12 key, select the "Title Block" tab, and click the "Reload" button.

Creating a Title Block

To create a title block, use the File - New Title Block command. Alternatively, you can open an existing title block, make the necessary modifications, and save it under a different name.


Inserting a Title Block

a) For All Pages:

Press F12, select Title Block and use the Change button to choose the title block you want to use. This title block will be applied to all pages that do not have their own title block specified.

b) For a Specific Page:

Right-click on the page, select Page Settings and choose the Title Block tab.


How to specify the value of a variable

a) For All Pages:

Press F12 and select tab Variables.

b) For a Specific Page:

Right-click on the page, select Page Settings and choose the Variables tab.

Specify the variable name without brackets { and } !!! Example:

Name Value
project_name Summer House Wiring

Title Block Settings

These settings are available:

  • Distance of the title block from the page margins.
  • Position of the title block on the page (left, right or bottom)
  • .
Dialog Window for Inserting Title Block into a Drawing

Functions of the Buttons

Allows you to select a different title block.
If you receive a drawing with an interesting title block, you can save it and use it in your drawings.
Removes the title block from the drawing.
If you've made changes to the title block in the title block editor, this button will reload the updated title block into the drawing.

Initial Title Block

Press F12, select tab Others and select title block from the "Initial Title Block for Drawings" field at the bottom of the dialog window.

Draw symmetrically

Title blocks should be drawn symmetrically along the workspace axes. The x and y axes should pass through the center of the label box.

Incorrectly drawn title block
Example of an incorrectly drawn title block.
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