Title block (drawing header) for technical drawings

A title block is a standardized block of text in a technical drawing that provides information about the drawing and its creator. It typically includes the name of the drawing, the drawing number, the drawing's revision level, the date of creation, the scale, and other pertinent information. The title block is usually placed in the lower right-hand corner of the drawing.

You can use the standard title block supplied with ProfiCAD or create your own.

standard title block supplied with ProfiCAD

How to customize the title block for your needs

Select the menu command File - Open title block and select one of the title blocks. Replace the ProfiCAD logo with the logo of your company. Adjust the layout of the texts to suit your needs.

How to create a title block

To create a title block, use the File - New title block command. Another option is to open an existing title block, make the necessary changes and save it under a different name.

Title block is made up of graphical objects - lines, rectangles texts etc. It is possible to insert an image (for example with your company's logo). Title blocks should be created symmetrically by the drawing area axis, similarly as symbols.

center objects

Variables in title blocks

Texts can contain a placeholder part, which is replaced with the actual value of a variable. The placeholder part is demarcated by symbols { and }.

For example, in text

Created by: {author}

the placeholder area will be replaced with the "author" item from the variables info.

Default title block

The initial title block for new drawings can be set up in the program settings, in the Others tab, field Initial title block for drawings at the bottom of the dialog window)

Inserting title block

a) for all pages

Press F12, select Title block and use the Change button to select the title block you want to use. This title block will be used on all page that do not have title block specified.

b) for a particular page

Right-click in the page, select Page settings and select title block tab.

Showing / hiding title block

Check Show Title Block on the top of the window to make the title block visible. You can temporarily hide the title block by unchecking the checkbox. You can completely remove the title block from the document using the Remove button. If you remove the title block, the size of the file with the drawing will decrease.

After the title block has been changed

Use the Reload button to reload the title block into the drawing.

Title block display options

You can adjust the distance of the title block from the borders of the document. Check Turn by 90° to turn the title block to get for example a landscape oriented drawing with a title block on the shorter side.

dialog window for inserting title block into a drawing

Function of the buttons

allows you to select a different title block.
If you have received a drawing from someone with an interesting title block, you can save it and use it in your drawings.
removes the title block from the drawing.
if you have changed the title block in the title block editor, this button will reload the changed title block.
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