Drawing Electrical Diagrams and Wiring

Panel Symbols is used to insert symbols into the drawing.

Choose a group in the upper part, a symbol in the lower part. Insert symbols by clicking in the drawing. When you press right mouse button, symbol is turned by 90�. Hit Esc to finish inserting symbols.

Every symbol has assigned two text labels: "reference" and "type". You can change text of these labels and set whether they should be visible.

Symbols can be flipped horizontally and vertically by pressing these buttons. These buttons turn the selected symbols in the drawing.

Start drawing wires using this button or press key s. Approach an outlet of a symbol and click to confirm that outlet. Click when you need to make a diversion of the wire. Click in the contiguity of the target outlet to finish a wire. Hit s to finish drawing wires.

Positions of the existing symbols and wires can be adjusted subsequently. Carry out object cloning by moving the objects while holding the Ctrl key. Symbols can be turned by angles with multiples of 45�.

You can draw a wire starting or ending in the air by using right mouse button.
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