Cross references


If two wires have the same name, they are considered to be connected (they have the same potential). The name of a wire can be entered in the Properties panel.

Cross-references between connections

If a wire ends in the air and there is another wire with the same name on another page, the reference to the other wire is automatically displayed.

The end of the wire that points left or up links to the previous pages of the project.

The end of the wire that points right or down links to the next pages of the project.


A component is an electrical device that consists of one or more symbols.

For example, a relay coil and contacts. The main symbol is the relay coil; the individual contacts are subordinate symbols.

main and subordinate symbols

For example the main symbol of a component is labeled (reference) K5. The subordinate symbols would be labeled parent reference + dot + number, for example K5.1, K5.2 etc.

In other words, all symbols of a component have the same reference before the dot.

The subordinate symbols are normally not shown in the bill of material. If you want them to be shown, check the Show subordinate symbols on the bill of material dialog window.

If you follow this method of labeling, a reference table appears beside each symbol that is part of a component.

The figure shows the relay on page 1,

relais with cross references

and its contacts on page 2

contacts with cross references

Cross references are displayed in the format reference/, in accordance with the norm EN 61082-1, ​​article 5.8

The generation of the cross references is disabled by default. You can enable it in F12 - System - Symbols - Create cross references of symbols and Create cross references of wires.

When you move a symbol in the drawing, you can use the File - Refresh cross references command to update the zone of the symbols.

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