Symbol library

The symbol library is installed in folder "Public Documents/ProfiCAD Library". It is recommended to move the library to a directory which is backed up regularly. You can do that in the program settings (F12 - Paths).

The library should contain several directories, which will appear in list (1). When selecting an item from list (1), its subdirectories will display in panel (2). When selecting items from panel (2), directories and symbol display in panel (3).

The symbols (.ppd and .picd files ) should not be directly at levels (1) and (2), because there would not be a place to display them, then.

electrical symbol library

The symbols are organized in PPD files in groups (directories). Symbol group names must not contain restricted characters \ / : * ? " < > | and must not start with the _ character.

If you need to reorganize the groups, you can use any file manager, such as Windows Commander, Total Commander, Windows Explorer, etc.

How to create a group

Create a directory in the library.

How to rename a group

Rename a directory in the library.

How to delete a group

Delete a directory in the library.

The library contains a several directories beginning with the "_" symbol, which have a special purpose:

_TB: Used to store title blocks (files with .ptb extension)
_LIN: Used to store the definition of lines (files with .lin extension)
_CONF: additional information, such as the default attributes of symbols

Three types of symbols used in ProfiCAD:

  1. symbols from libraries - these symbols are loaded from the PPD files. They can be edited in the Symbol Editor
  2. integrated circuits (IC) - these symbols are loaded from the PICD files. They can be edited in the Symbol Editor.
  3. built-in symbols - gates and transformers. Only some parameters (number of outlets, coils, etc.) can be edited for these symbols

The symbols have been created using the following standards:

  • Most symbols: EN 60617
  • Some of the symbols (used in U.S.): IEEE Std 315-1975 and ANSI Y 20.0-1975
  • Symbols for flow diagrams for process plants: EN ISO 10628.
  • IEC 61082: Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology
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