Inserting texts

You can paste any text into your document by using the Insert - Lettering or Insert - Text commands. The difference between the two is the initial font.

Text properties

  1. font name
  2. font size
  3. bold
  4. italic
  5. underlined
  6. font colour
  7. alignment
font settings toolbar

Text change

A right-click on the label shows a dialog box, where you can enter the text. Less frequent characters may be entered in the following ways:

  • using Alt + numeric code of the character. For instance, the character Ω can be inserted by pressing Alt + 937.
  • clicking on the selected character on the character map, which can be found in the left part of the dialog box. You can add the characters you need to use in the character map. This can be done in the program settings menu on the "Others" tab.
  • by entering the character from the Windows default character map (Start-Programs-Accessories-System tools-Character map).
text insertion dialog

Some characters may be displayed as a square. This is because these characters are not available in the selected font. Select another font. We recommend for instance the "Lucida Sans Unicode" font.

Character map

You can set up the characters you would like to add in the character map, which is displayed when entering texts in a document. The characters may be entered using Alt + numeric code (if you know the code) or via the standard Windows character map.

Option to enter text before it is inserted into the drawing.

This option is in the program settings in the Control tab.

enter text
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