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ProfiCAD 12.4.4



Grids help users orient objects and improve the accuracy of placing graphical elements in a drawing.

New Grids

Main Grid

The spacing of the main grid is set to 1 cm or 1 inch, depending on the units selected in the program settings under "Other." Users can select one of three grid types (lines, crosses, or dots) or turn off the grid completely using the View - Change Main Grid command in the menu or by pressing the m key.

Snap Grid

The snap grid, which can be accessed via View - Show Snap Grid in the menu, has spacings that correspond to the current snap mode settings. This feature helps users plan the placement of graphical elements more effectively and prevents them from accidentally using incorrect snap settings.

Grid Colors

Double-clicking on the drawing workspace opens the "Properties" panel, where users can adjust the colors of all types of grids. This option allows users to customize the appearance of the grids to make them more visually distinct.

ProfiCAD 12.4.2



Each time you save a drawing, the program saves another copy of the drawing in a special directory. The date and time of saving are added to the name of the saved copy. This allows you to return to any previous version of the drawing at a later date.

How to set up archiving

Go to the Backup tab in the program settings (File menu - Settings... or F12 key):

Use the Archive checkbox to switch data backup on/off.

Use the Change button under the Archiving directory field to select the directory in which the archive copies of the drawings are to be saved.

Backup and archiving

Choose a directory that is shared via online services such as Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and others. This way, you also have a backup of your data in the event of a hard disk crash.

How to restore a drawing from the archive

Use the command File - Restore from archive to bring up a dialog box with a list of archived versions. Select the version you want to restore and click on the OK button.

If an archive copy has not yet been created for the drawing, the message "No archive is available for this document." will appear.

How to delete unnecessary archive copies

In the program settings (menu File - Settings... or press F12), on the Backup tab, press the Open in Explorer button. Windows Explorer is displayed. Select the backup copies that you no longer need and press the Delete key on your keyboard.


The program logs and sends error messages that may occur when using the program to the program developers. The scope of the information sent is limited to technical problems in the source code of the program and does not include any personal information or data created by you.

You can deactivate this function in the program settings (menu File - Settings... or key F12) on the Logging tab.

ProfiCAD 12.3.2



The Variables tab in the document settings displays the variables of the current title block.

ProfiCAD 12.3.1


Symbol blocks

Symbol block

Related symbols can be combined into blocks. Blocks of symbols are bounded by a rectangle that has its own label (reference).

The block reference is displayed in print reports (bill of material, list of connections, etc.) in the "block reference - symbol reference" format. Example: symbol HL1 in block DSA1 is displayed as DSA1-HL1.

To create a block:

  • Draw a rectangle around the group of symbols.
  • In the Properties panel, enter the block reference.

The block can be removed by deleting the rectangle.

pdf with hyperlinks

Cross-references in PDF

When exporting a drawing to PDF format, cross-references are also preserved.

ProfiCAD 12.2.7


Connection Name Takeover

A new connection that is attached to an existing connection can take over its name. This option can be enabled in the program settings - Wires - New connection takes over the name of the connection to which it is attached.

Drawing Viewer for Android

ProfiCAD Viewer

The new version 1.9 brings smooth rendering, dark mode and various other improvements.

ProfiCAD 12.2.5


Favourites panel

The "Favourites" panel visually represents symbols and is positioned above the drawing area for easy access.

Panel Favourites

To add a symbol to the Favourites panel:

Select a symbol from the graphical palette or the "Symbol Search" dialog box and choose the "Add to Favourites" menu option.

To remove a symbol from the Favourites panel:

Click on the symbol and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

Drawing Border Margin:

Size of the drawing border

In the program settings, on the "Control" tab, you'll find the "Drawing border margin" option, which determines the distance between the drawing border and the window edge.

Color of Cable Symbols

Color of cable symbols

Cable symbols can be customized with colors other than black. In the program settings, on the "Wires" tab, you'll find the "Color of cable symbols" option.

ProfiCAD 12.2.4


minor fixes

ProfiCAD 12.2.3


Terminal renumbering

The Edit - Renumber Terminals menu command displays a dialog box that shows all terminals of the project.

terminals to renumber

With the renumber now button you can renumber all terminals in the project.

renumbered terminals

Drawing Terminal Blocks

A new video is available:

ProfiCAD 12.2.1


Terminal strips

The numbering of the terminal strips can start with any number. This makes it possible that each terminal in the drawing has a unique number.

terminal strip settings

Terminal strip settings

Select the terminal and enter the Start number property in the Others group in the Properties panel. Starting from this number, the individual terminals of the terminal strip will be numbered in ascending order.

Position of the title block

title block position

In landscape format, the title block can be placed on the left, bottom or right edge of the drawing.

ProfiCAD 12.1


Rectangles and ellipses can be rotated.

Rotated rectangles and ellipses


ProfiCAD 12.0.1


Imperial Units

In the program settings: F12 - System - Others you can select which units to display:

  • a) Metric
  • b) Imperial (decimal numbers)
  • c) Imperial (fractions)

If the page scale is set, the coordinates of objects can be entered in the form number unit or number fraction unit in the Properties panel.

For example:

  • 5 cm
  • 11.9 mm
  • 5.41 "
  • 1 3/8 "

Symbol editor

In the symbol editor, object coordinates are given in tenths of a millimeter. This is convenient, because the values can be changed using the mouse wheel. If you want to enter the coordinates with units (e.g., "5 cm"), press F12 in the symbol editor, select Symbol and check the box Use units in the Properties panel.


Snap can be entered in metric or imperial units, e.g., 4 mm, 0.5", 1/2", etc.

Panel Symbols graphically

In this panel, each symbol displays its name underneath the symbol. Using the slider at the top of the window, you can change the size of the symbol previews.

symbols palette

Arc defined by three points

To start drawing the arc, use the menu command Draw - Arc defined by 3 points or this icon: Arc defined by three points (the icon).

Arc defined by three points

The first mouse click defines the start point (1), the next click the point (2) through which the arc passes, and the third click the end point (3) of the arc.

To finish drawing the arcs, press the Esc key.

The old way of drawing an arc has been renamed to Inscribed Arc, because this arc is defined by a rectangle and two points: the start point and the end point. The icon for this arc is: inscribed arc icon

Improved Import from AutoCAD

When importing from AutoCAD as vector graphics, it is possible to specify the size of the imported drawing.

After inserting the imported symbol into the drawing, although it can be resized with the mouse, it is more convenient if the symbol is approximately the size it will be in the drawing.

The size can range from 3 cm (for small symbols) to 100 cm (e.g. for instance drawings with an extensive floor plan). You can set the desired size using the slider at the top of the window.

New option when renumbering connections.

You can now use the "renumber all except connections with letters in the name" option. If you use this option, connections like "L1", "L2", "PEN", etc. will not be renumbered.

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can download the installer for upgrade. You can install over the previous version. This is a paid upgrade.

If you have purchased ProfiCAD after 1. 1. 2022, you can upgrade to Version 12 free of charge.

How do I purchase an upgrade?


If you purchased a previous version of ProfiCAD, you can upgrade to the latest version at a discount of 50%.

Install the new version and enter your license key. The program will show you a discount code. Use the order form on the order page, fill in the form and enter the discount code.

If you prefer to purchase the upgrade before installing version 12, contact us by using the contact form on our website. We will provide you the discount code.

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