How to draw an electrical wiring diagram

In this video we will learn how to draw electrical wiring on a floor plan (wiring diagram for installation).

First we will set up the orientation of the title block. In drawings on one sheet of paper the title block should be positioned in portrait direction (F12 - title block).

Let us start with the floorplan. We will draw it into the background layer.

We can set the snap to a smaller value, so we can set the width of the windows the same as the width of the walls.

Object can be cloned by dragging them while holding the Ctrl key.

Next let us draw the electrical wiring into another layer. Right click (while entering a symbol) turns a symbol by 90°.

This way we would finish the drawing.

The values for the title block need to be entered in the File - Options - Variables dialog window.

It is possible to generate a list of wires (using menu Outputs - List of wires). We can enter a name of a wire or cable in the Properties panel. The name appears in the list.

Here is the finished diagram. 
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