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In the symbols panel, the most symbols are displayed as empty squares.
Download version 10 and convert the symbols to the new format using the menu command File - Convert symbols to new format. Then, you can install a newer version of the program. We recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter , where we provide timely notifications for important events such as symbol conversions.
How do I setup page orientation (landscape or portrait)?
Use the print settings and page size dialogues.
How to change the program's language?

  1. Press the F12 key on your keyboard.
  2. Choose the "Others" tab.
  3. From the "Language" drop-down list, select your preferred language.

How to change the language of the symbols?

  1. Delete the following folders: "C:\Users\Public\Documents\ProfiCAD Library" and "C:\Users\Public\Documents\ProfiCAD samples."
  2. Visit the website
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page.
  4. Select your desired language.
  5. Click the "Download" link and proceed to download and install ProfiCAD.

Is it possible to make changes to a .pdf or .dwg file?
You cannot edit those files directly. Instead, you can import them into a ProfiCAD drawing, make modifications, and then export the drawing as a PDF or DXF file.
I am getting errors when trying to update ProfiCAD.

Please disable your anti-virus software.

If that does not help, download ProfiCAD for flash drive, unpack its contents and copy files ProfiCAD.exe, common.dll and proficad.chm to the folder where ProfiCAD is installed (probably C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD (x86))

In FileOptionsVariables I entered values for the „title" and „titleSup" variables, but they do not appear in the title block.

These two variables are different for each page. That is why they need to be entered in the Page panel (double-click the page). If you want these two variables to be the same on all pages, enter them in File – Options – Variables and delete them from the Pages panel.

At program startup there is no grid nor any page frame.
Use the print settings and page size dialogues.
How to setup numbering of a symbol, for example to be W1, W2, W3 instead of R1, R2, R3?
  1. Open the symbol (right-click the symbol in panel "Symbols Graphically" and select open symbol)
  2. Press F12 and select Symbol
  3. Change default reference
Also, see this video.
Message "out of memory" appears.

This may happen if the drawing contains too large images (data size of many MB). There are two possible solutions:

  • Remove the images from the drawing, edit them in a graphics program (to have smaller size) and insert them again.
I cannot open the Properties panel.
Use the menu command View - Reset positions of the panels.
My line types disappeared - I can only see a solid line.

The symbol library must contain folder _LIN with a file lines.lin . You can determine the path to the library in F12 - Paths.

There are several objects on my page but I cannot select anything. I cannot move any object.

The objects may be in a different layer. Switch into the right layer.

Do you have a version for Linux?

No, but you can run ProfiCAD under Wine.

Do you have a version for Mac?

On Mac computers, ProfiCAD can be run using Parallels.

How can I add symbols to the favorites pane?

Drag them onto the heart icon.

How to import from PDF?

PDF can not be inserted directly into a ProfiCAD drawing. One can take a screenshot and then insert it as an image.

Sometimes there is a need that the arrow is pointing backwards and has to be drawn again. .

To reverse the arrow, select it by clicking on it and then select a link flip arrow at the bottom of the Properties.

What symbols are available in the full version? Do you have other symbols?

The full version contains the same symbols as the home version. The symbol library is being enhanced continuously. You can easily create symbols in the ProfiCAD symbols editor.

You can find additional symbols on If you created symbols on your own, please consider submitting them to the library.

If I modify a symbol in the symbol editor, will this symbol be changed in all diagrams I have already drawn?

No! It is not possible as each symbol is stored as a unique copy in every diagram. Your diagram is therefore independent on you library of symbols and it can easily be transmitted to anyone else.

The cross reference of a connection does not work.

Make sure that the connection is not terminated with a dot.

wire terminated with a dot
Drawing cannot be opened.
  1. If the drawing cannot be opened by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, use the File - Open menu.
  2. Maybe the drawing was created in a newer version of the program. To find out, open the drawing in a text editor (right-click the file and select "open with", and choose a program like Notepad or similar). The version of the drawing is indicated in readable form at the beginning of the file.
  3. If the drawing appears as an illegible jumble of characters in the text editor, it is not a ProfiCAD drawing. In this case it is possible that the drawing was damaged by a virus.
How do I move my license to a new PC?

Activate the program on the new PC using your license key. The procedure is the same as for the first time activation.

When I attempt printing the diagram on the 5L laser printer, some lines blur and some parts of the diagram are not printed at all.

Adjust the resolution of your printer from 600 DPI to 300 DPI (see Printer property settings).

Dashed line prints as solid line.

Invoke Print (by Ctrl + P or the Printer icon)

The next step is somewhat different for each printer.

Click on "Properties” Click on "Advanced” Locate "Print Quality” Locate "Resolution” Find the "Vector” and "Raster” options, select "Raster”

An object cannot be selected - when clicking on an object it cannot be selected and a different object, further from the pointer is highlighted instead.

When creating a symbol, graphical shapes need to be placed in a symmetric way, so that the symbol is symmetric to axes of the working screen.

center objects
A yellow frame, which is much larger than the circuit symbol itself, appears around the circuit symbol.

The problem can have two causes:

  • Various artefacts (e.g. very small lines, forgotten outlets, etc.) have arisen during the creation of the circuit symbol, which have been overlooked. The result is that the circuit symbol appears larger, because the surfaces of the frame are also included. The solution is to remove these artefacts, preferably with the aid of Panel Explorer. Should that be the case, the circuit symbol is to be replaced in the circuit plan by a corrected circuit symbol.
  • The circuit symbol is not drawn in symmetrical to the axes of the work surface. The solution is to draw the circuit symbol symmetrically.
Can I customize the gates? When I insert a gate, the program lists only the default gate symbol to select and I have not found a way how to customize it.

After you insert the gate, press the Escape key (to make the cursor change to arrow), place the arrow over the gate and click the right mouse button. A dialog box allowing you to customize the gate parameters (number of outlets, gate type, etc.) will appear.

Program Relocation.

If you need to move the program to a different directory or a new computer, just move the above mentioned files. It is not necessary to reinstall the program. The program may also be run from an external hard disk or a flash disk.

How to Recover a Drawing After a Program or Computer Crash

By default, drawings are automatically saved every minute, so any potential loss should be minimal.

If the "ProfiCAD Archive" feature is enabled, invoke the command in the menu "File - Restore from Archive" and select the latest version of the drawing.

Another option is to find the file with the same name as your drawing but with the extension "bak" and change the extension to "sxe".

We remind you of the importance of regular data backups!

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