How to insert symbols

There are four ways to insert a symbol into a drawing:

from the "Symbols Graphically" panel

Click on the symbol you want to insert into the drawing.

from the Symbols Textually panel

from the Favourites panel

from the search symbols window

Transformers and Gates: Select Insert - Transformer or Insert - Gate. Now click in the drawing where you want to place the symbol. After you switch to the select mode (by clicking the Esc key), you can set up properties of the symbol by right-clicking it.

Symbols properties

Every symbol has two basic properties: reference and type.

symbol properties 

The reference is a unique identification of the symbol in the drawing.

The type defines electric properties of the symbol, e.g. resistance in Ω, capacity in pF, transistor type, etc.

When a diagram contains a symbol, which is not in your library (you obtained the diagram from someone), you can save it (by clicking on the Save a copy link) and update your symbol library.

Automatic numbering

All symbols in the diagram are automatically numbered, e.g. have a unique type number. For instance if the symbol reference is "R", individual symbols of the same kind are numbered "R1", "R2"... etc. If no implicit reference is selected for the symbol, only the numbers are assigned to it, e.g. "1", "2"... etc.

Color of symbols

Individual symbols in the diagram can be colored. The color is selected by the Object - Border color menu command.

Color fill of symbols

Some symbols can be color filled. This concerns symbols, which have closed areas, like circles, ellipses, rectangles, polygons, sections and slices of a circle.

The fill color is set in the Properties panel or (if you want to color fill more symbols) using the command Object - fill color. The areas that have been colored in the editor of symbols, keep their original color.

electrical symbols color filled

When filling a symbol with color, it may happen that some lines disappear, because they are covered by the colored area. In that case, open the symbol (right click on the mouse in the panel of symbols) and change the order of objects in the Explorer panel. Put the closed areas at the top of the list, so that they do not cover other objects.

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