Keyboard shortcuts - accelerators

To speed up work with the program the following keyboard shortcuts may be used:

Ctrl + A Edit - Select All
Ctrl + B icon: Copy to clipboard as image Edit - Copy to clipboard as image
Ctrl + C icon: Edit - Copy Edit - Copy
Ctrl + N icon: File - New File - New
Ctrl + O icon: File - Open File - Open
Ctrl + P icon: File - Print File - Print
Ctrl + S icon: File - Save File - Save
Shift + S   File - Save As
Ctrl + V icon: Edit - Paste Edit - Paste
Ctrl + W   Closes the current document
Ctrl + X icon: Edit - Cut Edit - Cut
Ctrl + Z icon: Edit - Back Edit - Back
* on Numeric Keyboard   View - Center working area
F1 Help
F4 Switch layer
F5 Redraw the list of symbols in diagram editor
F6 Allow moving of text with hyperlink
F12 icon: File - Options File - Options
B icon: Draw - Curve Draw - Curve
C icon: Draw - Circle Draw - Circle
E icon: Draw - Ellipse Draw - Ellipse
G icon: Draw - Polygon Draw - Polygon
H icon: Insert - Gate Insert - Gate
L icon: Draw - Polyline Draw - Polyline
M   View - Grid
N icon: Insert - Label Insert - Label
R icon: Draw - Rectangle Draw - Rectangle
S icon: Insert - Wire Insert - Wire
T icon: Insert - Text Insert - Text
U icon: Draw - Line Draw - Line
Z icon: Draw - Rounded rectangle Draw - Rounded rectangle
Esc icon: Go to selection mode Go to selection mode
space bar   Instant search for symbols
backspace   During drawing lines and wires, cancels the last segment of the line
Page Up   Switch to the previous page
Page Down   Switch to the next page

mouse and keyboard program control overview:
right mouse button + mouse movementmoves the document area (pan tool)
Shift + drag objectmoves object and disregards the snap
Ctrl + drag objectcloning
Ctrl + Shift + clickadds or removes object to/from the selection
mouse wheelzoom
Shift + mouse wheelhorizontal shift of the drawing
Ctrl + mouse wheelvertical shift of the drawing
Ctrl + Shift + mouse wheelsmooth zoom
holding Ctrl while drawing
rectangles, ellipses and lines
orthogonal drawing mode
pressing the cursor keys (arrows)moves selected objects by 0.1 mm
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