panel Pages

The Pages panel allows you to create multipage documents. The icon of the panel represents a drawing in a spiral binding.

buttons of panel Pages

Buttons of the Pages panel:

  1. moves a page up
  2. moves a page down
  3. adds a page
  4. deletes a page
  5. shows table of contents
  6. copies a page to the clipboard
  7. pastes a page from the clipboard
  8. adds a report

panel Pages

Double-clicking a page displays a dialog box, where properties of the page can be set.

page settings

Each page has a short name (recommended length is 4 characters) that appears in the panel Pages and in the cross references. If a title block is enabled, it is displayed on all pages.

Where to enter data for the title block:

data common for all pages (e.g. author, company etc.) data for a particular page (e.g. title, supplementary title)
F12 - Document - Variables double-click the page in the Pages panel and select tab Variables

In the title block you can use new system variables generated automatically by the program.

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