Single-line and Detailed Electrical Diagrams

The program allows you to create both single-line and multi-line electrical schematics.



provides a simplified representation of an electrical system using single lines to depict connections between components such as transformers, circuit breakers, switches, and loads.

provides a comprehensive and detailed representation of an electrical system, including specific symbols and lines to depict physical connections, wiring, and components in detail.

It is a high-level overview and does not show the intricate details of the components or their internal wiring. These diagrams are used for in-depth analysis, troubleshooting, and design.
cable as a single line cable as multiple lines
shows all wires of one cable as one line displays each wire as a single line.

How to draw:

place conductorconductor,
protective conductorprotective conductor and neutral conductorneutral conductor over the wire
draw the cable using the cable drawing tool


single-pole, single-throw
single-pole switch - single-line single-pole switch - multi-line
double-pole switch
double-pole, single throw
double-pole switch - single-line double-pole switch - multi-line
two-way switch
single-pole, double-throw
two-way switch - single-line two-way switch - multi-line
intermediate switch
double-pole, double-throw
intermediate switch single-line intermediate switch multi-line
transformer with two windings - single-line transformer with two windings - multi-line

Example of wiring in both single-line and multi-line formats:

Single-line and multi-line wiring
Wiring in single-line and multi-line formats.
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