ProfiCAD Components

File Description Location
ProfiCAD.exe Diagram editor program root directory
ProfiCAD.chm ProfiCAD program help program root directory
Dynamic libraries required for program operation program root directory
key.dat License key, which you will receive after the purchase of the program program root directory
... etc.
Contains text strings used in the program. program root directory\lang
several files with .ppd and .picd suffixes These files form the library of symbols. Each files bears information about a single component "Documents"\proficad library
files with .lin extension These files contain lines styles definitions "Documents"\proficad library\_LIN
files with .ptb extension These files contain title blocks definitions "Documents"\proficad library\_TB
several files with .sxe extension Sample diagrams "Documents"\samples
charmap.txt Contains a list of special characters (Greek, math, technical etc.) for easy insertion into the text C:\Documents and Settings\your_name\Application Data\ProfiCAD
favs.txt * Contains a list of favorite diagram symbols c:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\ProfiCAD\
ProfiCAD.wsp * Contains list of documents which were open during the last usage of the program C:\Documents and Settings\your_name\Application Data\ProfiCAD
updater.exe Executes both manual and automatic updates of the program. program root directory\updater
settings.ini Configuration file of the updater program root directory\updater
english.xml, slovensky.xml etc. Language configuration file of the updater program root directory\updater/lng

* These files are not installed; they are created by the program

Program Relocation

If you need to move the program to a different directory or a new computer, just move the above mentioned files. It is not necessary to reinstall the program. The program may also be run from an external hard disk or a flash disk.

Firewall settings

URL for the Updates:
URL for the Activation:

Activation without internet access

For offline activation follow the instructions on this page: offline activation.

Multi-license activation on multiple computers

In addition to classic activation using the Help - Activate menu, the program can be activated by copying the key.dat file from the computer where the program is already activated to other computers. This file must be located in the directory where the program is installed (usually "C:\Program Files (x86)\ProfiCAD").

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