Drawing to scale

How is the scale of drawings calculated?

Scale is the ratio of the dimensions in the drawing to the dimensions in reality. For example, a scale of 1 : 50 means that 1 cm on the map is 50 cm in reality, and 27.7 cm (the width of A4 paper) is 13.85 m.

on paper1 : 50real object
draw to scale

How to set the scale:

Right-click on the drawing, select menu item Page settings and select item Page scale. Select one of the predefined values in the dialogue window that appears. The program shows paper size in actual units.

Drawing to scale

Choose the scale so that the entire drawing fits on the page. It is not advisable to change the scale after that.

Drawing to scale allows you to:

  1. Enter actual units in the Properties panel
  2. Drawing scale appears in the title block
  3. The ruler displays the actual units

How to enter actual dimensions in the Properties panel:

Enter the dimensions in the format numerical value unit. The unit is one of: mm, cm, m, km. Examples: 6 mm, 12.5 cm, 5.11 m etc.

Drawing scale in the title block

Drawing scale in the title block

To display drawing scale in the title block, use system variable {_sc}. New title block "standard8.ptb" contains drawing scale.

To assign a title block to a drawing:

  1. Press the F12 key
  2. Choose Document - Title Block
  3. Press the Change button and select one of the title blocks.

Representation of actual units of measurement on the ruler

The ruler with a scale

The ruler displays the current scale and real dimensions.

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