Export to DXF data format

DXF is a data format developed by Autodesk for enabling interoperability between CAD programs.

Online Conversion

Free online converter from SXE to DXF format is available on //gallery.proficad.com/tools/proficad-autocad.aspx (In ProfiCAD use command Help - Online Converter to DXF).

Export directly from the program

Is available only in commercial version. Select menu command Outputs - Export to DXF to export the current document. A dialog window appears where you need to select the output location of the conversion.

A greater number of drawings can be converted from the command line in a batch mode.

export to DXF

The procedure:

  1. Launch the command line.
  2. Navigate to the directory where the program is installed (probably C:\Program Files\ProfiCAD\)
  3. Go to subdirectory "lib"
  4. Execute statement
    for /r "location_of_the_drawings" %g in (*.sxe) do ProfiCAD2Dxf.exe "%g"
    For example if the drawings you want to convert are in directory "h:\test", the statement will look like this:
    for /r "h:\test\" %g in (*.sxe) do ProfiCAD2Dxf.exe "%g"
  5. The statement will convert all drawings in the path, including those in the subdirectories

This feature requires Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 or newer.

It is also necessary to run the program update (at least once), because the necessary files are installed during the update.