Table of contents

The table of contents makes it possible to:

  1. display a table of contents on a table
  2. fill in the variables of the pages
  3. switch to a particular page
  4. print the table of contents
ikona seznam stránek In the Pages panel, click on this icon to display the table of contents.

By default, the table of contents contains two columns: the name and the short name (code) of each page.

table of contents

Pressing the Columns button brings up a dialogue box, where you can specify which columns the table of contents will contain.

Each row within the table defines one column of the table of contents. The first column contains the description of a variable; the second column contains the name of that variable. The alignment of a column can be adjusted by using the three buttons below the table.

table of contents - columns

How to add a new column to the table of contents:

Click on the "plus" icon. A new row will appear in the table. Enter the description into the first column (e.g. "supplementary title") and the name of the variable into the second column (e.g. "titleSup").

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