If the Properties panel is not visible, double-click the object you want to change to display it.

The Properties panel is used to set the properties of objects.

Position/X, Y center of object
Position/Angle Object rotation
Reference/Text Reference (symbol identifier)
Border/Color Object outline color
Fill/Colour Object fill colour
Fill/Area Area of enclosed object
Scale/X, Y the number by which the size of the marker is multiplied on the X and Y axes
Outline/End of Lineone of three types of end of line
Line Type a dialog box appears in which you can select the line type
Line type scale the number by which the lengths of the line segments are multiplied
Arrow/arrow type select arrow type
Arrow/X, Y Scale the number by which the arrow shape is multiplied in the direction of the X and Y axes
Color 2/Color the second color of the two-color line
Color 2/Switch on switches on the two-colour line
Point/N.x, y Coordinates of the Nth point of the line
[M < N] the angle of the line segment between points M and N
[M d N] length of the line segment between points M and N
Others/Link allows you to create a hypertext link


If page scale is set, actual units are used. Otherwise, tenths of mm are used.

Angles are given in tenths of a degree. For example, 90° is given as 900.

panel Properties


Select a closed graphic object and choose a type of hatching in the Properties panel.

If two components with the same hatching type are displayed next to each other, it is necessary to ensure that the hatching of the components is not linked. This can be ensured by modifying the setting of these two values (or just one of these values): Offset X, Offset Y. The upper picture shows an incorrect setting of hatching, the lower picture shows the correct setting.

adjacent objects with same hatsching type

Dashed line

Select the line and set the line type in the Properties window. Use the Line type Scale property to change the size of the line segments. For example, a value of 1.3 increases the length of the line segments to 130%.

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