Export to Image Format

Select menu command Outputs - Export as Image or press this icon: icon: export as image.

A window will appear where you can select one of the following options:

  1. Whole document including the title block.
  2. Whole document excluding the title block.
  3. The used part of the document (the program automatically determines the smallest area that contains all the symbols and graphic objects).

supported image formats

  1. Bitmap
  2. PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  3. EMF - Enhanced Metafile (successor of the WMF - Windows Metafile)

pasting a diagram into MS Office

In ProfiCAD select command Edit - Copy the diagram to clipboard or Ctrl + B or icon icon: export as image. Now switch to the application in which you want to paste the diagram (for instance MS Word) and press Ctrl + V. The image gets inserted in the document. Now you can change the size, location, position, background color, frame, etc.


If you export to EMF format, the program automatically selects the automatic export option, regardless the setting you made in the dialog box.

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