Style library

The Style Library (menu Edit - Style Library) allows you to save and reuse frequently used styles of graphic objects (color, line type, fill type, etc.).

The styles in the library are displayed:

As lines: for lines and wires
As ellipses: for objects with fill (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.)

The Style Library has two parts:

temporary styles

Temporary styles: saves automatically the last 20 styles that you have used.

permanent styles

Permanent styles: here are those styles that you want to keep permanently.

How to add a style to the Style Library

Copying a style automatically adds the style to the library. The style is added to Temporary Styles.

How to add styles to Permanent Styles

copying a temporary style to the permanent styles

Drag it with the mouse onto the Permanent Styles tab. Similarly, you can remove a permanent style by dragging it onto the Temporary Styles tab.

How to use a style from the Style Library

  1. In the drawing, select the target object
  2. Open menu Edit - Style Library
  3. Select the style (either temporary or permanent)
  4. Click on Apply to selected objects or double-click on the style.

Automatic use of a style to wires

The program allows you to automatically apply a style to wires of a certain name. For example, a PEN style will be applied to a wire called PEN.


  1. In the Permanent Styles tab, enter name of the wire for the given style.
  2. Draw a new wire and (in the Properties panel) enter the name of the wire.

The program copies the style from library to the wire.

Where are styles stored?

Styles are stored in the Symbol Library, in files
_CONF\styles\temp.xml a _CONF\styles\perm.xml

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