Import from DWG and DXF formats

This feature is predominantly intended for pasting a building floor projection to a drawing and sketching electro-installation. The drawing imported from AutoCAD gets converted to an image. It is not possible to edit the individual objects (lines, blocks etc.).

Supported formats: DXF from version 12 and DWG from version 13.

The program supports two ways of importing from DWG and DXF formats:

a) Import of drawings

This option is suitable for complex drawings. The file will be converted to a bitmap. The imported drawing will not be editable.

b) Import of symbols

This option is suitable for schematic symbols or simple drawings. The file will be converted to graphic objects (lines, curves, circles, etc.). You can decompose the imported drawing into individual graphic items by right-clicking on it and selecting the menu command Decompose (explode).


  1. Invoke the Insert - DWG or DXF file command. Select the Import of drawings or Import of symbols option, after which a dialog box will appear. Use the Open button to open a DWG or DXF file. The conversion takes a few moments, after which a file preview is displayed.
  2. Insert the document into your drawing using the Insert button.

    a) Import of drawings: Use the Save button to save the document in PNG format, adjust it in a graphic program, and then insert it into the drawing using the Insert - Image command.

    b) Import of symbols: Use the Save button to save the symbol to the library of symbols.

  3. Use the mouse to adjust the imported drawing to the desired size.
The quality of the imported drawing depends on many factors, especially on the complexity of the drawing and on the software it was created in. We recommend that you test this feature carefully before purchasing ProfiCAD.