How to draw electrical wires

It is recommended to draw wires between the symbols only after you have placed all the symbols into your diagram.

Proceed as follows:

1. Select Insert - Wire or press the Wire button on the toolbar. You can also use the short-cut s key. icon: connection
2. The mouse pointer shape changes (soldering iron). icon: soldering iron
3. Move the pointer to the connection point, where you want to start the wire. Click when the connection points turns red. connecting wire
4. Click to make a diversion. Press the Backspace button to cancel the latest diversion. wire making diversion
5. Move the mouse pointer to the target connection point. Click when it turns red. connecting diverted wire
6. After the first wire is completed you can start drawing the next one. You can interrupt wire drawing any time by pressing the Esc key. not connecting diverted wire

Drawing a wire between a symbol and another wire

1. The procedure is the same as when drawing a wire between two symbols but in this case you end the wire on the next wire (by clicking the left mouse button). A drop showing the interconnection of wires will be added automatically. connecting wire between a symbol and another wire
2. In case of crossed wires you can draw the drop showing the junction of wires using the Insert - junction menu command. You can also use the icon on the toolbar. crossed wires
crossed wires with a junction

Adjustment of completed wires

If there is enough space around the wire, it can be freely moved as shown in the picture: adjustment of completed wires

Drawing the wires starting or ending "in the air"

Start by pressing the right mouse button. Proceed in the normal way (draw diversions by clicking the left mouse button). End your wire "in the air" pressing the right mouse button.

wire ending in the air


striped wires

striped wires
the procedure:
  1. select a wire, if the Properties panel is not visible, double-click the wire
  2. if the Properties panel select a line type
  3. select the first color
  4. select the second color
  5. enable the second color
setting up a striped wire