ProfiCAD Since Version 9



ProfiCAD 9.3.9

minor fixes


ProfiCAD 9.3.7


modifiable arrow

The shape of the arrows can be modified by entering the values Scale X and Scale Y in the Properties panel. The length and width of the arrow are multiplied by these values. For example, the value of 1.23 enlarges the arrow by 23%.


Hyperlinks can refer to any page or symbol. Clicking on the link will bring you to the target page or symbol.

To create a hyperlink:

  1. Enter text in the drawing and select it.
  2. In the Properties panel, in the Other group, enter the Link in the following format:
type of linkformatexample
to a page/short page name/AUX
to a symbolsymbol/short page nameW5/AUX


To prevent unwanted moves when clicking a link, to move a link it is necessary to keep the F6 key pressed.

setting up hyperlink text properties

It is advisable to set the appearance of the text to make it clear that it represents a link – i.e., in blue and underlined.



ProfiCAD 9.3.4

Style Library

The Style Library (menu Edit - Style Library) allows you to save and reuse frequently used styles of graphic objects (color, line type, fill type, etc.).

The styles in the library are displayed:

As lines: for lines and wires
As ellipses: for objects with fill (rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc.)

The Style Library has two parts:

dialog window with temporary styles

Temporary styles: saves automatically the last 20 styles that you have used.

dialog window with permanent styles

Permanent styles: here are those styles that you want to keep permanently.

How to add a style to the Style Library

Copying a style automatically adds the style to the library. The style is added to Temporary Styles.

How to add styles to Permanent Styles

moving a temporary style to the permanent styles

Drag it with the mouse onto the Permanent Styles tab. Similarly, you can remove a permanent style by dragging it onto the Temporary Styles tab.

How to use a style from the Style Library

  1. In the drawing, select the target object
  2. Open menu Edit - Style Library
  3. Select the style (either temporary or permanent)
  4. Click on Apply to selected objects or double-click on the style.

Automatic use of a style to wires

The program allows you to automatically apply a style to wires of a certain name. For example, a PEN style will be applied to a wire called PEN.


  1. In the Permanent Styles tab, enter name of the wire for the given style.
  2. Draw a new wire and (in the Properties panel) enter the name of the wire.

The program copies the style from library to the wire.

Where are styles stored?

Styles are stored in the Symbols Library, in files
_CONF\styles\temp.xml a _CONF\styles\perm.xml



ProfiCAD 9.3.3

Copying style

The program allows to copy style (color, line type, fill type, etc.) from one object to another.

There are two ways to copy styles:


  1. Right-click the source object and choose Copy Style
  2. Right-click the target object and choose Paste style
  3. If you want to copy the style to multiple objects, select the target objects and invoke the menu command Edit - Paste Style


  1. Select the source object
  2. Press this icon in the toolbar: copy style
  3. Click on the target object. If you want to copy the style to multiple objects, hold down the Ctrl key.



ProfiCAD 9.3.2

The program calculates areas of rectangles, ellipses, or polygons (except for crossed polygons).

rectangles, ellipses, and polygons

The area will be displayed in the Properties panel. Area unit depends on the scale of the drawing.

If several objects are selected, sum of their areas is displayed.



ProfiCAD 9.3.1

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 9.3

Quick layer switching

Use the F4 keyboard shortcut to change the active layer. The status bar shows the active layer name in brackets

Layer filter in the bill of material

The layer filter in the embedded bill of material makes it possible to display only symbols from specified layers. On the bill of material page, press the Filter button. Type the names of layers into the displayed dialog box (use separate line for each layer).

Text rotation

Individual texts can be rotated by any angle, as with the symbols and pictures.



ProfiCAD 9.2.1

List of terminals

List of Terminals (menu Outputs - List of Terminals) contains a list of all terminals in the drawing. For each terminal are listed:

  • wire name
  • cable name
  • attached symbol and name of connection point
  • grid zone of the symbol


For this connection:

diagram: list of terminals

The program will generate this list of terminals:

report: list of terminals

Terminal input is displayed to the left, output to the right of the terminal.

Symbol setting in the library

Symbols that represent the terminals must be set up correctly. You need not carry out this setting, if you installed after 21. 3. 2017, or if you download these already set up symbols.

Setting the function terminal in the symbol library:
  1. Open the symbol in the library
  2. Call up the menu command File - Options ... (or press key F12)
  3. Select Symbol
  4. For the field Function select the value Terminal

Setting symbols in the drawing

1) To set the terminal connection points:
  • In the drawing, right-click the terminal and select Connection points
  • For each connection point, enter the name and direction (whether in it involves input (IN) or output (OUT)). You can change the direction by double-clicking the box. Terminal names should always appear in pairs (one input and one output), as in the picture: connection points
  • Confirm with the OK key. Right-click the terminal and select Save connection points and attributes. This saves the changes to the library.
2) To set the terminal function:
  • Select the terminal in the drawing
  • In the Properties pane, select Function: Terminal

The setting will take effect for all terminals of the same type in the drawing.



ProfiCAD 9.1.4

New column "cable" has been added to the list of wires.



ProfiCAD 9.1.3

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 9.1.1

Font for reports

In program settings (F12) - Document - Fonts it is possible to set up font for reports.

Wires numbering

In program settings (F12) - Document - Wires numbering:

Wires numbering

If the option both ends is selected, just one number in the middle of the wire is shown for short wires.


show wire numbers

It is possible to disable showing wire number for a particular wire. The setting is made in the Properties panel.




ProfiCAD 9.1

New look for reports

The reports module has been completely redesigned for professional appearance, with a more readable font and word-wrapping of long lines.

new report

List of wires

List of wires (menu Outputs – List of wires) allows you to add any columns, similarly to the lists of symbols.

list of wires



ProfiCAD 9.0.2

minor fixes



ProfiCAD 9.0.1

Symbol improvements

A symbol may contain other symbols (except for integrated circuits and gates). A symbol may be comprised of layers. A symbol in the drawing can be rotated to any angle. The angle is entered in the Properties panel, in tenth of degree.


Sample of a symbol that contains other symbols and can utilize the ability to rotate to any angle:

Improvements of reports

Reports can be edited. For example, in the bill of material it is possible to change reference, type, and other attributes. In the list of wires it is possible to change the name of the wire. Editable fields have a white background.

For reports editing we recommend the use of those available in the outputs menu and to move the dialog window to a side of the monitor or to the seconde monitor. Selecting a row in the report will highlight the corresponding object in the drawing.

The report can be sorted by clicking on a column.

bill of material

Pagination of reports

Printout pages can be numbered using new variables. For example, if the printout has several pages, each page will have a different number.

This is achieved by the new variables:

page ordinary number_pcs
page count (total number of pages)_pcsc

New title block standard9.ptb contains these variables.

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