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What's New


8. 8. 2014

ProfiCAD 8.1.1

Rotating and flipping images

The program supports the following ways to rotate images:

otáčení obrázků
  • Using the menu Object - Rotate
  • Using these icons:
  • In panel Properties - item angle (enter tenths of degrees, e.g. 30° enter as 300)
  • By dragging the round handle of the image. The angle is adjusted in steps of 15°. If the Shift key is being pressed, any angle can be adjusted.

Flipping images

Use menu commands Object - Flip. You can also use icons on the toolbar.

Line ends

Line ends

Lines can end in one of the three configurations:

Line ends can be specified in panel Properties.

Example: square line ends have been used in drawing the scale below:


This video shows, how such a scale can be drawn.


27. 6. 2014

ProfiCAD 8.0.3

minor fixes


12. 6. 2014

ProfiCAD 8.0.2

minor fixes


6. 6. 2014

ProfiCAD 8

Auto-connecting of symbols

The program allows connecting a symbol into an existing connection (wire). A symbol placed over a connection is automatically connected into the connection. When the symbol is deleted, the connection is restored.

Auto-connecting of symbols

This feature can be enabled/disabled in F12 - Control - Auto-connect symbol over wire.

When a symbol is moved over a connection, the connection is highlighted. This feature can be enabled/disabled in F12 - Control - and highlight wire

When a symbol does not auto-connect, it may be due to snap. Increase the zoom and move the symbol while holding the Shift key (to suppress the effect of snap).

List of pages

The list of pages makes it possible to:

  1. display a list of pages on a table
  2. fill in the variables of the pages
  3. switch to a particular page
  4. print the list of pages
ikona seznam stránek In the Pages panel, click on this icon to display the list of pages.

By default, the list of pages contains two columns: the name and the short name (code) of each page.

list of pages

Pressing the Columns button brings up a dialogue box, where you can specify which columns the list of pages will contain.

Each row within the table defines one column of the list of pages. The first column contains the description of a variable; the second column contains the name of that variable. The alignment of a column can be adjusted by using the three buttons below the table.

list of pages - columns

How to add a new column to the list of pages:

Click on the "plus" icon. A new row will appear in the table. Enter the description into the first column (e.g. "supplementary title") and the name of the variable into the second column (e.g. "titleSup").

Drawing to scale

Drawing to scale allows you to:

  1. Enter actual units in the Properties panel
  2. Drawing scale appears in the title block
  3. The ruler displays the actual units

Right-click on the drawing, select menu item Page settings and select item Page scale. Select one of the predefined values in the dialogue window that appears. The program shows paper size in actual units.

Choose the scale so that the entire drawing fits on the page. It is not advisable to change the scale after that.

How to enter actual dimensions in the Properties panel.

Enter the dimensions in the format numerical value unit. The unit is one of: mm, cm, m, km. Examples: 6 mm, 12.5 cm, 5.11 m etc.

Drawing scale in the title block

Drawing scale in the title block

To display drawing scale in the title block, use system variable {_sc}. New title block "standard8.ptb" contains drawing scale.

Reorganization of the menu

Some menu items related to the functions of exporting and printing of reports have been moved from the menu File to the new menu Outputs. The menu items are:

  • Send
  • Export
  • Export to DXF
  • Bill of material
  • Netlist
  • List of wires
  • Batch print symbol
  • Batch print drawings

Page orientation

The program allows you to combine pages with different orientation within the same document.

  • How to set the main orientation (for the majority of pages): F12 - Document - Dimensions, click "Settings"
  • How to set the page orientation for a specific page: Right-click on the drawing, from the menu select Page Setup and select Page orientation.
page orientation

Page title block

The program allows you to combine pages with a different title block within the same document.

  • How to set the main title block (for the majority of pages): F12 - Document - title block.
  • How to set up a title block to a specific page: Right-click on the drawing, from the menu select Page Setup and select item Title block.

How to install

If you already have ProfiCAD, you can download the installer for upgrade. You can install over the existing version 7. This is a paid upgrade.

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