ProfiCAD Since Version 4



ProfiCAD 5.7.3

Correction of drawing size of old documents (created with version 3 and 4)


ProfiCAD 5.7.2

Minor optimizations


Improved compatibility with AutoCAD


Improved compatibility with DXF

Documents exported to the DXF format can be opened with DWG TrueView 2010.



Updated DWG import component.


AutoCAD Support

Insert - AutoCAD Document

This feature is available only in the paid version (not in ProfiCAD Home).

New command "Insert - AutoCAD Document" allows you to embed a document of type DXF or DWG in the background of your drawings and draw the electrical wiring over it.

A dialog box appears. Use the "Open" button to open the document (DXF or DWG). The document conversion takes a few seconds and then a preview of the document is displayed.

Insert the document into your drawing using the "Insert" button. You can use the button "Save" to save the document to the PNG format, make adjustments in any graphics program and then insert it into your drawing using the "Insert - Picture" command.

After inserting the document adjust its location and size. Do not forget to switch the program back to the normal layer. Use the command "View - Switch to Background mode.

AutoCAD Viewer

Try our new Free Online DXF and DWG Viewer.


New Dialog box "Document - Size"

Dialog box Document - Size offers two options to enter the drawing area:

a) specify the size of the drawing directly in mm

b) derive the size of the drawing from the size and number of the sheets of paper.

Because the printable area of the paper depends on the printer, you must select the printer (using the button Setup). You can specify the number of sheets of paper the width and height. The program calculates the total size of the drawing.

This dialog box is used only to specify the size of the drawing, not to determine on what format of paper it will be printed. This is so because sometimes the same document printed on one sheet of example A2, sometimes on 4 sheets A4 paper size, etc. The selection is therefore carried out just before printing in the Print dialog box.

We recall that the printable area of paper for each printer is slightly different. Therefore it is appropriate to calculate with a reserve, and leave some space at the borders of the drawing.

New Dialog box Document - Size


New Video

Added Video Title Block with Company Logo


ProfiCAD 5.6.2

Minor optimizations


ProfiCAD 5.6.1


  1. Fix: No outlets are created accidentally when drawing electrical symbols.
  2. Bezier curves can be ended with an arrow.


ProfiCAD 5.6


  1. When exporting a document as an graphical image, the name of your document is prefilled in the dialog box. You just need to select the extension - bmp, emf or png.
  2. A new command (File - Open Title Block) was added to facilitate opening of title blocks. The dialog box opens in the correct directory so it is easy to select the title block you need.
  3. In File - Options - Paths, a new button "Open in Explorer" was added. This button opens Windows Explorer in the directory where your ProfiCAD library is located. Useful when you need to manipulate the contents of the library (rename, move or delete files and directories).
  4. A new shortcut Ctrl+W closes the current document.
  5. flip arrow Arrows can be flipped (reversed) - using the "flip arrow" shortcut in the Properties panel.
  6. When you select a title block (File - Options - Title block), the fields from the title block are added to the document's summary info. You only need to fill in the values.


ProfiCAD 5.5.1

New languages

Adding French, German, Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese. You can switch the language in File - Options - Others.

More info about the ProfiCAD translation status.


ProfiCAD 5.5

Easier wire drawing

In the wire drawing mode the outlets of the symbols are graphically emphasized to facilitate attaching wires to the symbols.

Easier polyline drawing

It is possible to finish a polyline or polygon by the mouse right button.

Easier snap

setting raster on the toolbar

Snap of the current document can be adjusted on the main toolbar (2).

New feture called "automatic snap" can be activated by the button (1). In this mode the value od the snap is automaticaly calculated from the actual zoom.


ProfiCAD 5.4.4


When drawing graphical objects, the cursor's shape indicates which object is being drawn.

It is possible to set up an electrical symbol to be omitted from the bill of material.


ProfiCAD 5.4.3

Minor optimizations


Russian version

Thanks to Andrey for translation! You can set language in File - Options - Others.


ProfiCAD 5.4.2

Improved menu "Help"

Menu "Help" contains several commands for easy access of several services on the internet (i).

Small improvements

A wire can end with an arrow. Arrows can have style line set.

Fixed size of texts

Size of texts is independent of the font size Windows setting (96/120 DPI)


ProfiCAD 5.4.1

Bux Fix

Fixed crash that occured when changing zoom.


ProfiCAD 5.4

Position of texts

Position of texts can be adjusted from the Properties panel.

Initial values of lines nad wires

If you change color or thickness of a line or a wire, the next line or wire will be drawn with the same color and thickness. Not everybody may like this feature and that is why you need to switch it on in Program settings - Others - Use initial values of lines and wires.

Mousewheel Zoom

Now it is possible to zoom using the mouse wheel. If you hold the Ctrl key, the document area is scrolled vertically, with the Shift key it is scrolled horizontally.


Use command View - Pan document area (or use the hand icon hand icon) to switch to the panning mode. Now you can move around in the drawing while holding the mouse left key. Quit this mode by right button or use Esc key.

New settings

In Program settings - Others you can set whether you wish to maximize the main window and to create a new document when the program starts.

Bug Fix

When drawing wires and attaching them to outlets, the red mark is shown even if there is an image in the background.


ProfiCAD 5.3

Export to DXF

ProfiCAD can export documents to DXF format version 21 (AutoCad 2007).

Length of wires

List of wires displays length of the wires.

Spanish version

Grazias a Pablo para la traducción! You can set language in File - Options - Others.


ProfiCAD 5.2.2


In the Properties pane it is now possible to set endpoints (X, Y) of lines.

Improved visibility of the outlets when editing symbols.


ProfiCAD 5.2


In the Properties pane it is now possible to set center (X, Y) of the graphical objects. It is possible to set width and height of a rectangle and an ellipse from the Properties pane.

It is much easier to select a symbol from several overlapping symbols.


ProfiCAD 5.1


In the Properties pane it is now possible to alter position of the objects (left, top, right, down) and width of lines with mouse wheel.


ProfiCAD 5

United editor

ProfiCAD has one common editor for diagrams, symbols and title blocks. That means that for example drawing a diagram is done the same way as drawing a symbol - snap, UNDO, cloning, export and other features are available. Because the editor looks and feels the same for all types of files, the color of the ruler indicates which type of file is being edited.

documentu type extension
schematics diagram.sxe
title block.ptb
integrated circuit.picd

Orthogonal drawing

If you hold down the Ctrl key when drawing, lines are drawn horizontally, vertically or with angle of 45°. Rectangles and ellipses are drawn as squares and circles.

Emphasized objects

Graphical objects under the mouse cursor are displayed emphasisedly, which makes it easier to select them. Before you click you know you are clicking on the correct place.

Custom line styles

Line styles have been extended and it is possible to define custom line styles.

List of wires

You can generate and print a list of wires of the drawing with names of the wires and names of the elements connected by the wires.

Title blocks

It is possible to create custom title blocks and use them in the documents. Title blocks are demonstrated in the sample drawing C:\Documents and Settings\your_name\Documents\samples\electrical floor plan.sxe.


ProfiCAD uses several panels. These panels can be moved and docked to any size of the main window, make them auto-hidable to save place or close them. 

- from here drag the symbols onto the drawing.
- your favourites symbols.
- shows list of items in the draeing. Simplifies orientation in complex drawings. Enables to delete dificult to discover symbols inserted into drawing accidentally - for example two symbols on each other, a line too short etc. Deleting of these redundant objects makes processing of the documents faster.
- here you can set up properties of the objects.
- here you can set up properties of the integrated circuits.

Automatic scrolling

Automatic scrolling has been refined.

- scrolling starts narrowly at the edge of the window

- scrolling starts after a short delay

- scrolling does not start if the mouse pointer is outside of the window. That means that automatic scrolling works properly only if the main window is maximized

Thanks to these arrangements the scrolling no longer starts unintentionally when mouse pointer approaches the main window's edge (attempt to click an icon, make a menu selection etc.).

New settings

Possibility to switch on/off the rulers (System - Control). Possibility to adjust diameter of the dot representing a junction of two wires (System - Others).